Friday, May 30, 2008

Shrimp Eggrolls

There's a bit of history on this one. Last weekend we dismantled the broken hot tub and hauled it off. And when I say dismantled, I mean with a chainsaw and a sawzall. And when I say hauled it off, I mean two full trips to the dump, 1250 pounds worth. It was hot out too. Started at 11:00 AM. By 1:00 I had invited Bunkers and Pedersens over for dinner - MOSTLY because we enjoy their company and wanted to see them, of course, but partly because it would mean that we HAD to stop at some sort of reasonable hour. I'm a little hazy on what happened next, but at some sweaty, wet, ant-infested point in the day, I had an epiphany - I WANT A DEEP FRYER.

Not exactly sure how that relates to anything, but the dump is only about a mile from the Target store. So, after the second dump run, I got dropped off at Target and ran in - filthy, sweaty, hair sticking up, etc. - and got myself a little fryer! So cute!! And I am such a sucker because I bought the one that said "restaurant style" on the side of the box even though you know that this is nothing at all like what they have in a restaurant. Still, totally happy with being a sucker about these things. Didja see the little fryer basket?? I love it!

Then to the Safeway for, what else, potatoes and cooking oil. The first batch of french fries on Sunday was a little soggy. Monday, employing the double-frying technique from the Joy of Cooking, produced much nicer results. Tuesday and Wednesday were fat-free, but I continued to mull the deep frying possibilities. Yesterday I thought of Shrimp Eggrolls!

So, I just made this recipe up in my head and went and bought the ingredients at the market. Then I called Z and she googled a recipe for me to give me some ideas about seasoning the filling. Finely chopped shrimp, shredded carrots, snap peas and cabbage, minced garlic, ginger, and cilantro. Then I made some dipping sauces out of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar and chile sauce.

Deep fry them four at a time (in the way cute basket!) and serve with dipping sauce and cilantro on the side. Do not, under any circumstances, eat 6 of these for dinner, as you will have a bellyache for sure! :)


Kim said...

So that's what you have been up to Lisa. Cute like my new ice cream maker. They look so good and deserving after all that hard work.

Anonymous said...
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