Monday, May 5, 2008

Shrimp and arugula

Well ok - this is clearly not chocolate related, but the "no sugar" thing has seriously enabled me to actually think about other kinds of food. The farmers market in Columbia City last week produced a fabulous bag of arugula and some hand made goat cheese. And Costco (yes, I know) came through with some fantastic shrimp. We have one huge rosemary bush that can easily give up 8 stems - I strip the leaves off and use them as skewers - here, we have only the "before" pictures because the "after" were (a) on fire when the skewers burned in the broiler, (b) so delicious we ate them all up. (c) all of the above. I still have rosemary ashes on the bottom of the oven!

I marinated these in orange juice and olive oil - perfect!

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Kim said...

Our market has local goat cheese, which I will try this weekend. I love the shrimp on the rosemary skewers, you are so talented. Looks simply divine. Hope you are having a good week.