Tuesday, October 28, 2008

100 Best Foods in the World

Happy Birthday to me :)

This list is a work in progress - I am giving myself at least 30 open slots for new stuff!

100 Best Foods in the World

  1. lasagna
  2. BLT on toasted sourdough with mayo
  3. risotto
  4. french fries with ketchup
  5. Italian chocolate with hazelnuts
  6. Manchego cheese
  7. YooHoo
  8. marcona almonds
  9. artichoke hearts
  10. grilled sweet peppers
  11. pizza margherita
  12. nocciolo gelato
  13. giandiujia anything, especially gelato
  14. Reese’s peanut butter cups
  15. raspberry jam
  16. apricot jam
  17. croissants
  18. brioche
  19. champapagne
  20. pasta with pesto
  21. duck breast with Chinese 5 spice
  22. chicken fried rice
  23. hot and sour soup
  24. Coquille St. Jacques
  25. lobster tails with melted butter
  26. Dungeness crab with melted butter
  27. almond pear tart
  28. artichoke and parmesan dip
  29. arancini – preferably with mushrooms
  30. tortilla chips with lime
  31. chocolate almond cake
  32. porterhouse steak grilled outside
  33. blackberry pie
  34. roasted chicken with rosemary
  35. mashed potatoes
  36. salted cashew nuts
  37. chicken with peanut sauce over spinach
  38. Green curry anything w/ coconut milk
  39. fried goat cheese rounds on a salad of wild greens
  40. Homemade turkey on rye with stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo
  41. tuna salad with sweet pickles and lots of mayo
  42. ginger scones
  43. napoleons
  44. new potatoes and peas in cream
  45. macaroni and cheese
  46. snickers bars
  47. homemade potato chips
  48. Dairy Queen soft serve vanilla cone dipped in chocolate
  49. fresh mini doughnuts
  50. herring in sour cream
  51. fried egg sandwich with cheese, mayo and ketchup
  52. rum cake
  53. grilled cheese sandwich
  54. grilled beef tenderloin
  55. Rose’s Cheesecake – the Cake Bible
  56. blueberries
  57. noodle salad with egg roll and bbq pork
  58. figs with manchego
  59. orange hazelnut pinwheels from Macrina bakery
  60. mezzelune stuffed with ricotta and herbs in a porcini sauce, garnished with shrimp
  61. leberkasemmel with sweet mustard
  62. Ritter Sport white chocolate and blood orange
  63. seafood louie salad
  64. duck pate
  65. Sfoglie di riso
  66. pappardelle with cinghiale sauce
  67. Ravioli rose’, with ricotta spinach filling
  68. stollen
  69. guacamole
  70. white chocolate mousse with raspberries


dharmamama said...

Wait - you forgot birthday cake! In general, any cake with candles meant for me is a good thing.

Happy birthday!! Love your list.

Kim said...

Oh, I am so late for your birthday! A belated Happy Birthday to you Lisa, and I wish you many more. It is a cute picture of you. I will catch up with you via email shortly. Thanks for thinking of me.

Lisa said...

Hi Ladies - thanks for stopping by! this list is so fun to update!

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