Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Tribute to Scout 1996-2009

Scout - In 1996 he was 8 weeks old and 12 pounds. A wiggly little package who loved us completely from the first day. The bigger of the two chocolate boys in the litter. He lived for treats and pets and hugs. And treats. Smiled. Ran. Just hung out. Rolled on his back in the grass and popped up like he'd just discovered the best thing ever. Played in the water. Pretty much always wanted to go in the car. Laid in the driveway behind the wheels of the truck so we couldn't leave without him. Chewed up one shoe in his whole life. Still had his first squeaky toy ever - all he did was carry them around. Except of course for the stuffed kitten - that one got a little chew now and then. Fetched, but not obsessed with it. For 13 years we never had to clean anything off the kitchen floor. Loved chicken, fish, blueberries, cheese. Would eat a salad as long as it had dressing on it. He had three basic moods - happy, tired, and hungry. After a nap or a meal he just went right back to happy.
I never knew I could love him that much. Scout - I think of you every day and love you so much. You were the best and my heart is bigger for knowing you.


LaDue & Crew said...

Oh Lisa, I'm sorry... What a sweet tribute. I wish I could give you a hug!

Lisa said...

you are so sweet - I will consider this a virtual hug - thank you! I made peanut butter brownies the other day and thought of putting them on the square plate for a photo shoot, but my heart wasn't in it. said...

You captured that lovable hunk of chocolate "puppiness" completely. What a fabulous buddy and oh how he will be missed. Hugs, T