Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Checking in

I lost my desire to post, to take pictures, and to futz around with new recipes - maybe the winter blahs? I am still baking, though to read this blog you wouldn't know it. A whole month of February goes by and no posts -- s'ok, February was not much to write home about, except maybe the sweet mini-vacation in Phoenix (36 hours of free time, one pedicure, one hike up Camelback, one lunch by the pool, one long walk, one glass of champagne, one bargain pair of running shoes at Big 5, one fig scone - kinda packed a lot in!)
Now I am actually feeling like I could start running again - I know! well, maybe anyway. In the meantime, and maybe directly related, I am making puff pastry in 7# batches on the sheeter! Forgot to take pics the last time I baked some but it came up perfectly - golden brown and even. Magical stuff.
Random notes - the flowers on this cake were just divine - ok , that's all for now!

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LaDue & Crew said...

Fabulous cake! Ok, so you came to Phoenix and didn't let me know! Girl, I could've picked you up at the airport! Good thing you came this early because it is getting hotttttt! I work out every morning outside and I am ready for some indoor activity!

I was thinking of you a few days ago when I noticed Kim had finally posted- it actually startled me! So good to see her back!

I also need some professional advice from you on how to do a "topsy turvy" type of cake. I'm wanting to do an Alice in Wonderland cake but so far in my baking like, have only done traditional layers. Do you have any tips on support for those crooked kinds of cakes?

So glad you actually posted!