Friday, January 16, 2009

Red Velvet Cake, and my high horse

OK, I really should know better. Because whenever I say "never", the universe immediately starts conspiring to make sure that it happens sooner rather than later. And I have been saying "never" about Red Velvet cake for a long time - as in, we will never do this in the bakery because it is not our tradition and there are lots of other people who make it and really really I think it takes too much food dye and maybe that makes me a food snob but I just don't have the red velvet in my blood even though with all that floofy frosting it does look pretty divine.

But then, it started cropping up all over, including here, and I totally respect Ann's food sensibility and so I thought I really should make it just to have some factual basis for all the talk. So, even though I thought I was going to make this months ago, I finally made it last night and wow is it ever gorgeous! And the floofy frosting is more than one could hope for - not too sweet, light, perfectly spreadable but not too melty even when warm. . . . .
This was much praised at the office, the frosting especially, though the cake was moist and delicious too. Yes, I could definitely over-indulge in this!

So, apparently I should get off my high horse about Red Velvet Cake. Good lord, what could this mean for vegan and gluten free??!!


Peter M said...

Ummm, place send a virtual slab my way...big and thick please.

LaDue & Crew said...

Well hey, thanks for stopping by! And my, what a site you have... I already gained 10 lbs just looking! So you're an atty AND you cook/ bake?! Wow, my atty/ friend, Stasy, farms it all out to me- says she can only multi-task in law!

Odd, isn't it, that she is MIA? Last I heard from her, I had asked about the chestnut torte recipe, as it had never been posted. She emailed me just before Christmas saying she would have it up that night, she was sorry, but she had been busy. Said she was going to be working all day but promised it that night. So I emailed back, told her no apologies necessary, and not to worry- that having the recipe would be fab, but it was not critical, and to just take care of her self since she sounded very busy. That's the last I heard. Of course, I only know her through the blogging world, but I worry!

Oh, I like my margarita's tart, so if you make them you make want more lime juice!

Well, great site you have.... I'll be back!!