Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jam Tarts

Pastry crust filled with a tender almond cake and a dollop of apricot jam, or blackberry redcurrant jelly.

I had a naming contest for these at work. My personal favorite is “Jammy Cakey Tarty Thingies”, but it may be reduced to a simple “Jammy Cakes”. I took some tartlet shells and filled them with a bit of Almond Cake batter – a dense and moist almond pound cake – then I plopped in some jam (apricot in some, blackberry red currant jelly in others) and then put more batter on the top.

Funny how all my baked goods look the same – kind of round and golden. Anyway, the crispness of the pastry crust played off of the tender cake in a subtle but very nice way, and the jam was fabulous – next time I would probably add more jam, but I was trying to avoid the potential for them all to turn volcanic in the oven, so I used a bit less than I really wanted to.

Scout, my adoring fan!


Kim said...

They look just divine, would like one to go with my coffee right about now. Have I lost my mind or missed the recipe,couldn't seem to find it?
I have an adoring fan named Scout, who sits and drools when I am baking or cooking also!!!
Cute site!

Lisa said...

Hi Kim - the recipe is a bit long, so I didn't post it, but if you send me an e-mail I will send it on to you.